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Cultural Bridges, LLC

Let's do this together!

Dr. Algernon Felice is the CEO/Director of Cultural Bridges
Treatment & Consulting LLC, 
based in Madison, Wisconsin


Cultural Bridges Treatment and Consulting, LLC (CBTC) is a community-centered
culturally-based organization that works together with local partners
(individuals, schools, courts, agencies, churches, businesses, etc.)
in support of children, adults, families, and our community. 


CBTC’s purpose is:

  • To support children and families to live as strongly as possible and to get as many smiles out of life as they can. 

  • To support our underserved, under-recognized, under-represented, left-behind communities to find, claim, hold, and project voice.

  • To partner with organizations that seek to understand and to interrupt the systematic divisiveness and exclusion of people of color from our collective community space.

  • To walk alongside those who wish to understand how we as  under-represented people speak, love, and live.

  • To provide fully intersectional and integrated clinical assessments and recommendations to the courts in an effort to inform their decision-making processes.

  • To truly support, lift, and guide the next generation of service healers.

  • To be of service to our community.   

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