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Dr. Felice performs the role of Clinical Supervisor to two burgeoning mental health agencies. He also serves as the Clinical Director to Community Agency Bridging the Gap (CABG), a community-based, culturally-centered, crisis response, and assessment agency. This agency works on the ground, within the community, attempting to address clients‘ immediate needs, ranging from rent assistance, to managing an emotional break.     


As a trained supervisor, Dr. Felice employs the Systems Approach to Supervision (SAS)
(Holloway: 1995). In this model, the supervisor embodies a variety of roles and responsibilities, all determined by the clearly articulated needs of the supervisee. These may include but are not limited to:  monitoring, evaluating, advising, instructing, modeling, consulting, sharing, and supporting advisees as they navigate self, client, and the self-client negotiated dance.


Within the context of the supervisor-supervisee relationship, Dr. Felice may enact the role of parent, nurse, confidant, teacher, mentor, or guide. Each of these postures is determined by the articulated and non-articulated needs of the supervisee, and the therapist-client dyad. 


Dr. Felice is currently Clinical Supervisor to:  

  • Venus Inspires: Venus Inspires is a dynamic health coach who guides, supports, assesses, and provides an individualized health system to move every one of her clients toward realizing a total body transformation.

  • Collective Voices: Collective Voices provides a structured approach to interrupting cycles of misunderstanding by seeking to understand the issues underlying conflict, harm, violence, and strained personal dynamics. 

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