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CBTC supports a number of educational institutions, individuals, public, and non-profit entities in helping them to understand how to most effectively approach, engage, listen to, work alongside, and if necessary, assess and support clients of diverse social and ethnic backgrounds. 


One area of Dr. Felice’s expertise is “cultures.” Dr. Felice works closely with his consultees and supports them learning, asking permission of, and understanding cultures (how they develop, how they move, and how they exist amongst larger entities.) He also works to guide institutions on how to do the same.


Over the years, CBTC has worked in different consulting capacities with a variety of organizations.

There are two very different types
of consulting that Dr. Al does......

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Consulting Guide:


Dr. Al works as a Consulting Guide where there are very difficult and involved cases. There are many contributing factors (financial, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual) that result in a child's behaviors evidenced in the school and home environments. Dr. Felice helps the Team truly understand the intersectionalities involved in particular and intransigent cases. He helps the Team with design and implementation of effective approaches and interventions, while leaving the authority in their hands. He guides and supports the development of the intervention strategy, and determines how deliverables should be evaluated. Ultimately, he leaves a cultivated and effective team in place that serves as the main structure and support to ensure the interventions are achieved. 


Psychological Consultant:


Dr. Al is consulted when there are particularly intricate, involved, or challenging legal cases due to client  or behavioral issues. In this role, he offers perspective, insight, and an intersectional understanding of the issues involved in the subject case.  

These include: 

  • The Oshkosh Area School District

  • Dubuque University

  • The YWCA (Madison, Wisconsin)

  • The African Center for Community Development (Madison, Wisconsin)

  • The Boardwalk Academy of The United Way

  • The Omega School (Madison, Wisconsin)

  • Dane County Community Restorative Court 


Dr. Al continues to seek other state and local organizations for whom he can offer this service.

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