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"Looking for a non-Euro centric treatment modality?  Look no further.  This is not a 'diversity lite' model, rather a model that respects the deep roots of culture within and between the systems that effect our lives."                                                        ~ Referring Clinical Therapist

"Dr. Al is culturally competent and culturally aware. His work is not 'lay-on-the couch and tell me what is going on while I sit at my desk and judge your choices.'"

                         ~ Former Client

"Dr. Al’s treatment model is client centered, and by that, I mean that it flows and flexes to meet the family’s needs.  Experience, relationship, movement, and integrity are at its core."                 ~ School Social Worker

"He is extremely different and extremely effective."         
                           ~ Clinical Social Worker

"Dr. Al takes his relationships seriously. As a referring social worker of a mutual client have reported, “Al is different, he really puts his arm around my son and takes him in.”                                     ~ County Social Worker

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Dr. Felice specializes in the assessment and treatment of very challenging client configurations. Rather than work independently, he develops strategies and coaches, directs, guides, and advises treatment teams. He has particular interest in the successful approach and intervention in schools and school systems.


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Working with Children & Teenagers

Dr. Felice never works with children alone without the active involvement of a parent figure. In fact, he has a history of working much more directly, and consistently with the parent than with the child. His belief is that “this is your child. You direct the musical score." He works much more as a guide and model, developing and employing strategies to help move the family. Being highly versed in both Child Development, and the IEP process, he works very closely with the entire treatment team (principal, psychologist, teacher, counselor, occupational therapist, school social worker...) and parent to get the best intervention for that child. With a unique ability to translate the difficult language of the IEP to the language of parents - who often have no idea what’s going on, Dr. Felice is able to work seamlessly between the school and the parent. Consistent with the tenets of CLRT, Dr. Felice’s work with children and families is most often in the home or naturally occurring environments (parks, lakes, ice cream parlors, etc.) He argues that natural environments excite, balance, and heal much more effectively than closed office spaces.


Since Dr. Felice may be working in the school, or a park, a fast-food restaurant, or the zoo...lengths of sessions will vary widely. A session may comfortably last up to an 1 1/2. This is why Dr. Felice allows extended periods between sessions, to accommodate for those eventualities.   

Working with Individuals & Couples

Dr. Felice does individualized couples treatment. Very few couples are at the same level of readiness to engage when they seek treatment. Often, one partner tends to be way ahead of the other in terms of self-awareness and readiness to engage. Additionally, there tends to be a hefty serving of aggressiveness and blaming in the first session that effectively interrupts any attempts at shared engagement and release of “truth.”  So, although they may come in as a couple, they are truly not “coupling.” In his couple’s work, Dr. Felice meets with the “more readied” partner first and then the “less readied” partner. This may persist until the couple comes closer to enjoying shared voice.

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