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"Dr. Al Felice is gifted beyond measure. His wisdom, life experience, and vast knowledge of therapeutic interventions is inspiring and innovative. Dr. Felice is creative in his approach to others; he is humble, kind, and able to maintain a steady calm in the midst of darkness. He sees and interacts with people as whole; he works from besides, not above. This makes him relatable, safe, and solid. Anyone who gets a chance to work besides or with Dr. Felice will be changed forever."
      ~ Jessie Kushner, Founder of Collective Voices


Dr. Algernon Felice is the CEO and Director of Cultural Bridges Treatment and Consulting, LLC based in Madison, Wisconsin. 


Dr. Felice is the developer of Constructive Locale Regenerative Therapy (CLRT.) CLRT is a unique, highly effective culturally-centered, treatment model for children and families. Dr. Felice has found CLRT to be highly successful in the retention of his clients of color and that has led to successful treatment outcomes for a variety of underserved populations. 


CLRT is currently in the process of being researched to determine its efficacy as a treatment model. A book on Dr. Felice’s process as a master therapist is also in the works. 

Dr. Felice spent his formative years on the multicultural, multiethnic island of Trinidad and Tobago, securing a college diploma in education at the Government Teacher's College (GTC), specializing in Physical Education. After nine (9) years of teaching at the elementary and middle-school levels, Dr. Felice chose to further his educational path. Emigrating to the United Sated in the fall of 1983, Dr. Felice pursued and accepted his Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology (Exercise and Fitness Management) from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh in 1987. This was soon followed by a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology (Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialization) from Purdue University in 1989. After a brief 8-month stint at Plus-One Fitness
(Soho - Manhattan), Dr. Felice returned to the University of Wisconsin-Madison to pursue his doctorate in Sport Psychology. Three years of doctoral studies, primarily in clinical psychology, was followed by a transfer to the Department of Counseling Psychology where he completed both a Master’s Degree (1997), and Doctorate (2000). Dr. Felice’s areas of specialization include (a) the retention and success of African American students at primarily white institutions, (b) the successful assessment and treatment of underserved, and undervoiced populations, and (c) the psychosocial development of  pre-professional and professional athletes.


Dr. Felice has distinguished himself as a master therapist, with a particular skillset in the assessment and treatment of teens and families from marginalized and “othered” populations. 


Dr. Felice performs the role of Assessment Specialist and Expert Witness to the Dane County Wisconsin courts. He is highly skilled in conducting in-depth intersectional assessments, involving all aspects of personal and family history and circumstance of incarcerated individuals, and integrating it into an effective clinical presentation for the courts’ consideration. He works on a number of cases providing critical contextual bio-psycho-social histories in his assessment and post-incarceration recommendations to the court.   


As one lawyer shared: 

“Dr. Felice has shown a key knowledge and skills in dealing with my clients, who you may call “the least of these”.  His use of assessment tools coupled with his innovations in creating productive interventions, have resulted in helping his clients learn how to make the positive choices to enhance their skills which allow them to better themselves and their communities.”


Dr. Felice is also a trauma specialist and works alongside the Crime Response Unit (CRU) of Dane County,
Wisconsin responding to and supporting victims of crime. Being the targeted or indirect victim of criminal activity is an all-too-common human experience, leaving individuals, families, and communities in pain. The Justice System is designed to focus on the perpetrator. The individual committing the injury may be charged, tried, convicted, and sentenced. The victim’s pain and trauma is not within the Justice Systems' mandate to respond to nor seek treatment for. The CRU’s purpose is to work with victims (directly or tangentially) to help them process and make whole. Dr. Felice is part of this very critical Unit.


Dr. Felice serves as an Adjunct Professor at Edgewood College where he teaches Psychological Assessment at the upper undergraduate level. He has previously taught courses in Multicultural Counseling, Group Therapy, and Adulthood and Aging.


During long and august career, Dr. Felice has served as the Multicultural Counseling Specialist at 
UW-Oshkosh Director, Director of Diversity for the Oshkosh Area School District, and a Psychological Consultant to a variety of non-profit and community-oriented agencies.

He has a particular favor for Clinical Supervision, and performs that role for two small agencies as well as the Clinical Director for a third.


Dr. Felice has presented at a variety of universities, conferences, and workshops. He presents on issues around the culturally-centered assessment and treatment of ethnic minority and other underserved populations. Dr. Felice has also presented on his treatment model - Constructive Locale Regenerative Therapy (CLRT) - to conferences in Maryland, Indiana, Virgin Islands, and Wisconsin. Other areas of presentation, interest, and expertise include African American student success at predominantly white institutions, and sex trafficking. Dr. Felice has also keynoted at both Dubuque University and the African Association graduation celebration. 

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