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Dr. Felice continues to write on issues related to client and client engagement. He has written for The Progressive magazine and penned question and answer columns (Ask Dr. Al, Dear Barbara) for the Madison Times and Capital Hues newspapers.

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Dr. Felice has written in excess of twenty (20) children’s stories oriented toward Children of Color (African American, African, Latino, and Caribbean.) He has presented at the Madison Book Festival, Monona Library, Edgewood College, Hamilton Elementary, and at the Bocas Festival in his home country of Trinidad and Tobago.     

  • Why the Dog Howls at the Moon

  • 106 Dooley Street

  • The Midnight Robber

  • The Easter Story - How Monkey Lost His Pouch

  • The Bird That Could Not Fly

  • DeSean and The Vanishing
    Blue Sock

  • The Story of the Earth People

  • Ayodeji - The Christmas Story

Stay tuned for more information on how purchase these books! It will be posted on this page.


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